Prior to turning 18, your disabled child may qualify for SSI (Social Security Supplemental Income) but only if the family’s income is limited.

After Reaching 18 Years of Age

At the time your child turns 18, regardless of the family’s income, he or she will qualify for SSI provided he or she does not have earned income.  He or she will also be qualified for Medicaid insurance.  If your child has qualified for SSI prior to the age of 22, they will also be entitled to SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) under the parents SS record when that parent becomes disabled, is retired, or has died.  This will be an increase of monthly income in most cases.

Guardianship for Children Reaching the Age of 18

Prior to your disabled child turning 18, the parents have the ability to make decisions on behalf of their minor children.  However, when a child turns 18, in order for the parents to be able to continue making decisions for their disabled child they will need to get a guardianship over that child.  This is a process where you petition the court for guardianship and have a hearing before you will be granted guardianship for your disabled child.

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